Tuesday, January 06, 2009

An attempt at building a fireplace mantle

After 2 years of nagging (..."suggesting") that we need a decent mantle, I decided to build one.

Original Mantle:

Building the new mantle:

1. Frame a box around the existing top shelf.

2. Put a shelf on top of the framed in box.

3. Add crown molding underneath the shelf.

4. Add some thin molding around the bottom of the framed in box.

5. Side view of the shelf and moldings attached.

6. Sand, prime and paint the top portion.

7. Widen the columns and attached some molding on the front.

8. Closeup of the new column and molding.

9. New columns are attached, molding added, and columns are primed.

10. Finished new mantle after 2 coats of paint :)

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