A simple-minded algorithm for APBA pitcher grades

Version 1 (CardComputer 4.0.x):

Compute the ERA ratio between a pitcher's ERA and league average ERA and assign a base grade:

GradeERA ratio
A&Bless than 0.25
Dmore than 1.00

If a pitcher has made a start, he gets a starting grade. I reduce the starting grade once if there are fewer than 28 starts; twice if there are fewer than 6.

If a pitcher has more than 10 relief appearances or if he has at least as many relief appearances as starts, he gets a relief grade. If a pitcher's IP is under 55, the pitcher's relief grade is reduced once. If it's under 25, the relief grade is reduced twice.

The strikeout rating is determined by the ratio of K/9 to the league K/9:

K ratio
KXYmore than 2.20
KX2.00 - 2.20
KY1.90 - 2.00
K1.66 - 1.90
XY1.40 - 1.66
X1.17 - 1.40
Y0.92 - 1.17

The walk rating is determined by the ratio of BB/9 to the league BB/9:

BB ratio
ZZless than 0.30
Wmore than 1.26

Future considerations:

  • Adjust ERA ratio for control rating before assigning grade
  • Use strikeouts and unintentional walks per batter faced and not intentionally walked for the ratios to determine BB and K ratings
  • Consider wins for a floor on a grade