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Welcome to Steve's APBA Card Computer

Version 3.5
Applet Last updated 10/30/2006
Statistics updated 10/2/2007

Thanks for your observations and suggestions - I have done some research and tinkered with the algorithms again. I'm also trying to make certain structural changes that will allow all sorts of wonderful things. I am trying hard to keep the Java applet from breaking on anyone's machine. The applet requires Java 1.3. Please use the instructions below to check your version and upgrade if necessary. Thanks for using the card computer!

To use the card computer:

  • Select a year from the season dropdown menu and then select a player from the list to the right of the card, OR

  • Fill in the top areas yourself to create a card matching what ever stats you desire. The card should change automatically in response to your stat inputs.

  • "Make One Column Cards" will force the cards to be computed without using the second column. Thanks to Bob Godby for suggesting this option!
  • Click here for release notes history. Thanks for visiting!


  • The applet doesn't show up: If after waiting a while for the applet to load (which may take a minute or two) you don't see something like an APBA baseball batter's card in the space above, there may be something wrong with your Java installation. Please go to the Java Tester. A little ways down the page you'll see "Method 1: Ask Java". Look in the pink box. This will tell you if you have Java installed, and what version you're running. If you don't have Java installed and you're running Windows, going here should start an automatic install (or at least give you a manual way to install Java on your system). If you still have trouble after the install, or if you have Java installed already, hit the browser's reload button. If you still have problems, please contact me and make sure to tell me what Java version the Java tester reported.

  • The applet shows up, but the cards are garbage. There may be a problem with the data files. Please contact me.

  • The applet shows up, but you don't see all the years that should be on the menu. Try hitting the "reload" button on your browser. If you visit the site often, the browser may have stored a stale version in its cache. The "reload" button will load a fresh version.

  • Any other problem, please contact me and tell me about it.
  • Frequently Asked Questions:

    Q: Do you do pitcher grades? A: No. No speed or fielding ratings either. I'll do that for my card sets (obviously), but this card computer is for entertainment only. I really don't want to even get close to making a product that could be used as a replacement for buying APBA's card sets.

    Q: How about printing? A: No, not yet. Mostly for the same reason. I'm working on a way to view multiple cards at a time, though. But I'm not promising anything.

    Caveats: This page is under construction from time to time. This page is for entertainment only. The cards generated are NOT official APBA cards and should not be used with the game.

    Comments? Suggestions? Problems? Please send them to me.

    I am not affilliated with the APBA Game company, Miller Associates or any other APBA-related commercial enterprise.

    Compuduck Sports Software APBA™-compatible card sets:
    2004 Atlantic League of Professional Baseball
    2004 Liga Mexicana del Pacifico

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